# Translations

To provide translation with the original Latin text the document's body should be divided into two parts, the original and translation. For that purpose div elements should be used as shown in the example below. The type attribute and the xml:lang are considered mandatory as they provide information about the text contained inside. For translations should be type set to value translation and for the original text to original. The xml:lang attribute must contain valida ISO-639 language abbreviation, see the table.


    <div xml:lang="lat" type="original">
    <p xml:id="p1">Arma portare in sompno honorem significat</p>
    <!-- and so on... -->
    <div xml:lang="cze" type="translation">
      <p ana="#p1">Nosit zbraně ve snu značí slávu</p>
      <!-- a tak dále... -->


The translation MUST always be separated from the original text.


Same rules as for the original text can be applied for translation.